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At SinTek Solutions, Accessibility is a topic very near to our hearts. Our owner, Nick Sinagra, has lived with a physical disability his entire life. While he is able to use and enjoy most technologies without difficulty, the fact remains that some people cannot. Add to that the fact that technology is evolving. We live in a society where tablets, smart phones, Tweets and gaming are part of everyday life. What happens if you cannot utilize these technologies independently?

Therefore, SinTek Solutions has its own Accessibility Department. Unlike some companies that claim to offer accessibility solutions, we are proud to employ our own Rehab Engineer, Eric Sinagra.

While we do not have answers to all accessibility issues, we are constantly working on new projects. We encourage you to browse our current products. If you are looking for something specific, use the form to e-mail us. We will do our best to assist you.

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