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Web Sites FAQ

What is the design and development process?
In our opinion, communication with the client is the most important part of the process. We want to know exactly what you want so you get a Web site that you are proud of. Therefore, our developer will need to meet with you before development begins. Once a design is selected, the site will be layed out and sent to you for approval. Once approved, custom functionality will be built and content will be populated. You will be given opportunity to review and make adjustments before the site is launched.
How long does development take?
This will depend on the size and features of the site.A small, 5 page site will probably only take a few weeks for the entire process. A large site with custom functionality could take several months to develop.
The content on my site needs to be updated regularly. How will that work?
We offer several options for updating your site. First, we can build an easy-to-use editor for you and train you on updating your site. Second, you can e-mail updates to us and we will update it for you. Finally, if you have another preference for updates, just tell us and we will make it work.
I already have a Web site that I like, but it needs updated. Can SinTek update my site?
Absolutely. Just e-mail us and we can work out the details.
What custom functionality can you build?
Short answer -- anything. If it exists on the Web and you want it, we can do it.
Can you build an app to go with my new site?
At this time, we do not offer apps. We hope to offer that in the near future. However, we can build mobile versions of your site that will work on any device.
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